Monday, January 30, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well, I had showings both Saturday and Sunday as well as a Sunday open-house. Still I managed some good progress on 010106.

The front triangle is finished except for some sanding. It looks good and straight. The BB went much better than in the past - in part because it's much easier to do a really good job of pinning the joints in a jig. Everything is held securely in place while setting the pins, so there's no risk to setting the pins firmly. One tube in the BB needed some touchup work. All the joints flowed through nicely, but the one flowed a little too much and left a slight gap at the edge where I was feeding the silver. That's taken care of now.

Very little cleanup filing was required - mostly just the pins on the inside and outside of the tubes. The angles and BB height all checked out fine, so I moved onto the chainstays. They're going to be fairly long (430mm). The first one went in great, but the second one seems to have got a little out of alignment - and needs some additional work. I think I'll drill out the pins, reheat the joint and reposition the stay. Hopefully I won't need to do any further cosmetic fill when this is done. I could probably just cold set things, but I don't want to go that route.

Reynolds is shipping me some pre-bent fork blades which should be here soon. Probably a pair of these will be coupled with a HJ fork crown with a built-in 3 degree rake. I'll make up two forks resulting to different trail figures to see how each works.

That's it for now. Time to swap back to Carbon 1 and get it done and out the door.


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