Monday, April 16, 2007

Latest Update

I spent the weekend at the Chicago Bike where I shared a booth with another Chicago builder - Owen Lloyd. We had a great time and met lots of nice people.

Saturday night, I had an email from Gordon with pictures of Linda's freshly sprayed frame. To see them head over to

Owen's father took a couple of pictures of our booth Sunday afternoon - thought you might like to see them as well (click to see large versions).

First up is Owen with his first frame (created at UBI Bike School). It's a pure track geometry, but with a brake hole in the fork crown. It's finished old school in pure chrome, and set up for city riding.

Next is the row of our other bikes. On the front is my fillet brazed (except the BB) trackie. It's built oversized with a 35mm 9/6/9 downtube. After the chrome, this seemed to be the next best eye-catcher in the booth. Behind it in lavender is a trackie that Owen built using Kavalinka castings. Then is the randonneur that I'm building for my wife. Primer on it is to help find dings and file marks. Parts are being test fitted - you can see that I haven't got a front fender installed - nor the chain or front derailer cable. Behind that is a nude frame with Hellenic stays, just brazed up by Owen last week. It also has its kit on for test fitting. Finally, at the back, is one of my carbon frames - in fact it is my daily rider.

From the next angle, you can see of attempt to 'decorate' our booth.
Some pictures of other builds on the back curtain (and a Cycles Noir sign). Also, you can see our table where we had a selection of tubes/lugs/etc on display in 'the raw'. Also, we had our business cards, give away head-tube stickers, and signup for an electronic news letter.

Again, we had a great time and we're hopefull of getting some business out of this. Thanks for all who attened and supported us.