Saturday, January 14, 2006

Carbon Carbon Everywhere

There's something about carbon, when you sand it, it seems to go everywhere.

Anyway, I've been sanding the down the frame in anticipation of paint. I got about three-quarters of fit done. It's been decided that most of the Deda decoration on the rear triangle will disappear. We'll just keep a small "Dedacciai" at the rear end of each chainstay.

All but one of the cable/ergo stops are mounted. For this frame, the ergo's are on the sides of the down tube (next time I may try the underside). They need to be perfectly positioned to be symmetrical. So, I'm taking my time in positioning the last one.

The frame takes an integrated headset. Too bad, because there isn't an integrated headset standard. What should be the right headset is in the mail, along with an FSA gauge that will help me make sure. Ah well, sooner or later we'll sort that out.

I mounted water bottle bosses in the top and bottom of the monostay on the chainstay. There are to route the front derailer cable. The carbon is so thick here that there can be very little rivet effect. Maybe if I had some bosses that were twice as long. However, they are also epoxied into place and unlikely to move for a very long time. Next will come the under bottom brake guide. Finally, I've also applied some epoxy to fair in the joints between the major portions of the frame. I think that's going to look real nice.

My neighbor brought by his teams jersey, so we can find some match paint colors. A big stripe will run across the frame in these colors - hopefully that'll generate some sales. Net of all this, I'm almost ready for the paint shop. It's going to be fun to see how it all turns out.

I'll keep you posted.

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