Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A warm cold night

It's been cold here of late. It's probably averaged about 13 degrees F. for the last couple of days. Along with a strong wind it's been raw outside. Out in the garage, it's too cold to consider working. I'm planning to bring in a propane heater, but until then it's not fit for man or material.

We're almost done with working on the family room - a little paint touch up and laying down the new carpet is all that's left. But, the contractor still has a bit of his stuff in the garage further interfering with bike-building.

But, yesterday the new edition of Vintage Bicycle Quarterly arrived. The gals went out shopping. The boys were in the basement computing. And I had a chance to curl up with VBQ for a couple of hour. Now that's a fun way to spend a cold and blustery evening.