Thursday, September 02, 2010

Putting Together More Details

This is getting close to ready for wrapping joints, just a few details left.  Here's an overall shot:

There's lots of work getting to here.  You can see a bit of white on the front of the chain stays.  That's paint so my marks will better show up for mitering.  There's also which on the seat tube under where the seat stays join, again to show off marks and measures.

The head tube fit up is good:

The top tube is sitting a little low from it's final spot, but the fit is fine.

Water bottle mounts go in before bonding things together.  This allows me to coat the backsides (inside the tubes) with a heavy epoxy to better reinforce the hole and mount.  I'll also be mounting front derailer hanger, but haven't got that done today.

The rear triangle seems to be fitting nicely too!  As always, a bit needs to be trimmed from the backside of the seat tube miter to clear the box section of the chainstays.

It I get any more done tonight, I'll update this post.

Sorry, nothing more to show.  Decided to use stainless front derailer hanger, and I spent time sanding on it.   hope to get it polished.  I'm afraid it will be quite the little time sink.

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