Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few more pictures

Progress continues with reinforcing and faring joints.  It seems like a few more pix might be in order, as getting this done right tends to make the vacuum bagging process go more quickly.

This is a good example of shaping a joint.  In this case, the initial reinforcing goes under the faring.

This is an example of a joint that is nearly ready.  A little additional sanding is left, especially to ensure that the head-tube shape is round, not a series of random planes.

Here is an example of how nicely this knit fabric drapes.  Without much excess epoxy, the fabric hugs the shape of the joint.  Now it will be wrapped with tape to compress it down and squeeze the excess epoxy out through little holes.

Also note how the pattern of the knit looks very different from the pattern of the woven cosmetic layer on the tube.

Here's is a wrapped joint, and you can see the beads of epoxy oozing through the holes in the tape.

And here's what the joint above looks like after unwrapping.

See you later...

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