Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Pictures

Vote on the right for your favorite frame material. BTW, hemp only works when its encased in epoxy (like carbon). :)

I've promised some pix from the build of Paul's new track bike. The tubing is SLX, which is like SL with reinforcing rifling in key joints. Below on the left is the end of the chain stays, and on the right is the bottom of the seat tube. In both pictures the rifling is pretty obvious. The yellow dust in the stays is paint from the hack saw blade, I took about a CM off of each end. The stays themselves are ROR (round/oval/round), so it shouldn't be necessary to crimp them to make room for the tire to fit. It is important, however, to position the forks so that the tire fits nicely in the ovalled rand for the stays across the full range of rear axle positions.

The bottom bracket shell is a Cinelli road shell with spoiler., If you enlarge the pictures and look closely, you'll see the filler in the cable tunnel. What you won't find is the casing stop that used to be their.

Next comes a rear and front view of the stainless fork crown. Originally the front had a flat land for the brake, like on the back. I'm almost finished rounding off the front, which I think will look better on a track crown. Then its the slow process of polishing the crown.

Finally you can see the the track fork being fit up to the chain stay. The fork has a bend in it near the end of the stay, so that the faces will be parallel. As a consequence, the inside miter is much shorter than the outside on. As you can see, the stays have a large overlap with the forks. In face, the overlap is more than an inch long. This probably isn't necessary, but on a track bike it's nice to make this intersection as rigid as possible.

At this point, I have one miter left to clean up. Then it'll be time to set up the jig, tack things in place, and get ready to braze this up. More pictures once we have more progress.

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