Monday, January 07, 2008

Brief Post

Only a little to report today. Yesterday I brazed the track forks to the stays and threw them into water to soak off the flux. The day job limited progress today, but I got the basement cleaned out, and reorganized, to prepare for doing carbon work inside (where its warm). Keep tuned for more info and related pictures of some test layups.

Speaking of warm,
it hit 60 degrees farenheit yesterday, and today was darn close to that. Hard to believe it was 10 degrees only a few days ago, and I should make hay while the sun shines. Tomorrow looks to be another busy work day, but i hope to make it into the shop yet.

Meanwhile, my Grand Bois tires arrived, so it's time to finish the path racer and then get some pix of the completed bike. I have to say, the new Grand Bois look and feel the part of a fast, supple tire. Along with the 700Cx30s for the Path Racer, there is a pair of 650Bx32s for upcoming rando bike.

My next task is to
clean up the chain stays, and some pix of same to share with you. From there, I have to miter the chainstays for Paul's bike, then set up the jig and tack it all together.
So with luck, we'll have some more pictures to view before the end of the week, then it'll be on to completing Paul's bike.

See ya soon

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EuroJoe said...

Looking forward to the pictures!