Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today is all about sunshine! The skys are blue. It was 41 degrees when we went out to ride and 61 when we finished. Can you say perfect cycling weather?

This was the public unveiling of my carbon frame. It got rave reviews. The paint (thanks Gordon!) the decals, the FRAME, the build kit.

I'm noticeably faster on this bike. It's probably a result of me being in a more aero position, but that's a testament to the fit. Normally, I get a numb wrist and hand after riding a while. When its bad, I can't work my shift levers. It seems to be related to slightly aggravated disk. The solution is to be sure and hold my head up w/ my chin down. When the fit is right, this is second nature to me. This is the first bike where I could get aero while having my posture work naturally. So no bothersome wrist or hands while moving faster. That's a good deal in my book.

As this is a demonstrator, its fitted with 23mm tires. Normally I don't like their ride, but they've done fine by me. It seems likely that I'm carrying more weight on the pedals so, keeping my hands and seat from suffering. Again, good fit wins out big time.

The rear shifting is now spot on, and working the Campy should. I do seem to be having some unusual noises coming from the freehub. I suspect a sticky paw as occasionally, when starting to pedal, there's a sort of clunk as the hub engages. I'll probably take this in to the shop for review as I don't have the right tools for the job - and freehubs are difficult with those tools. I've done it before, and swore never to do it again.

Meanwhile, I'm still playing with the FSA front derailer. Its really frustrating me. Personally, I don't think its engineered to work with Campy. I'm going to have one more go at it today, but if that doesn't work, it'll go on the scrap pile while a return to good old Campy.

The SLR saddle continues to surprise me as a comfortable seat. It probably wouldn't rate so well for a rider in a more upright posture, but in this application it seems as good as anything I've ever tried.

Today, the bike will get a god cleaning, then it will be time for photos while the sun is shining! They'll get posted tonight.

That's all for now, gotta shower and wash the ride rags.

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