Monday, May 08, 2006

A quick update

Got a little work done tonight. The first stainless seatstay cap is on. It's just about ground down to the dimensions of the stay, so it'll be hand filing and sanding from here on in. I think this accent will nicely balance the stainless headtube.

Also installed the rear derailer cable-guide on top of the bottom bracket. Freddy's Filet Pro filler works great to make a smooth connection between the tube (stainless but will be painted) and the BB.

Cleaned up around the seatstay bridge. This went fast because it had been neatly installed. I'm trying to feather the side points of the reinforcers because they stand up a bit from the stay - perhaps they were made to work with a larger diameter stay.

The chainstays look really beefy because they've been shortened from the rear. As a consequence, the narrow part of the stay is gone, and the contrast against the seatstays is pretty stark. On the other hand, Sarah won't have to worry about a flexible rear triangle.

So, its down to:
  • Installing a cable housing stop on the lower headlug
  • Installing the brake cable pulley mount
  • Installing the second seatstay cap.
  • Cleanup and polishing.

The weekend still looks possible for completion, but I can't commit to it yet.

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