Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rainy weekend

Its a rainy weekend. I only got in one ride, and it was damp. Thankfully I have fenders which keeps me a lot more comfortable than everyone else. Beyond rain, we had winds and low temps, so it wasn't the most pleasant weather. I know my hands are getting cold when I can't feel the shifters - such was this weather even with winter gloves.

The crown of Sarah's fork is now cleaned up and looks pretty good. I got her tips in last night and they're waiting for cleanup. They warrant some additional comment.

I rolled little spools of filler and set them up into the fork legs with the flux. Then the fluxed tips were pushed in behind them. Somehow, one coil seemed to get lost. I heated one tip and the filler came out around the tip nicely over 360 degrees. The other once didn't seem to have any filler flow out. So, I tipped the fork over, and added a little filler to the first tip so that it could be filed with a nice smooth transition into the fork leg. The other tip sucked up a ton of filler before its edge could be filled. Obviously the filler ring was lost.

Sure enough, when I went to soak flux, the loose ring was rattling around inside the leg. I'm going to have to do something to stop that - probably locate it in the leg and heat that spot so it bonds to the leg.

I've also started fitting seat stays. This first is fit and now needs to be mounted. The second may get done tonight - the tops of both dropouts are modified to handle the angle of the stays, the stainless pieces are cut out, so there's not too much left to do on them.

Finally, this has been a weekend to update and fix links on the blog. My MS150 donation link still doesn't work - hopefully the techies will get back to me soon. But the rest are good and there's a new one too! I've added EBykr, and its not because he has a link to me. EBykr is like an online magazine of road-bike history, and one with high production values to boot. His pictures and prose are top rate! Recommended. So, hop the link and take a peek.

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