Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cool Ride - Cold Riding

Got up at 5:15 this morning and went downstairs to get ready to ride. Daylight Savings time ends in two weeks which means it was dark out. It was also 50 degrees F. Pretty chilly.

I suited up after a quick breakfast. Threw a Cateye LCD lamp on the front and took off.

Sidelight (no pun intended), the Cateye is a great tool. In flashing mode it puts out enough light for modest speeds on dark streets. On any street its bright enough to ensure being seen by motorists. And batteries last a long time - recommended.

Got a nice warm up cycling over to the Starbucks were the gang usually meets. Had coffee and a donut (no I don't carry a badge) and waited to see if anyone would show. This also had the effect of allowing the sun to rise enough to light things up.

No one showed, so the bike is still a phantom to the gang. Meanwhile, I took off on our usual route.

The weight of the 28mm tires seems to slow the sprint some. Also, I can see how, in some circumstances, their cushiness could come across as a bike that feels dead. But, it's not a dead bike at all. Power goes in and comes out fine. Quick handling is a piece of cake as proven dodging potholes and cracks in the pavement. But, I don't have to do so much dodging with this ride. Cool!!!

The frame is made up of Deda Zero-Uno (aka COM 12.5) in standard oversize diameters held together with Henry James lugs and bottom bracket. This seems like a good combo for someone my size.

In Lake Forest I stopped for an OJ a Starbucks and fixed a slipping seat post. Then back south for the second half of the trip.

This wasn't my fastest ride - but I'm never fast in cool weather. I don't know if its psychological, limiting the wind-chill, or just the bulk of clothing slowing things down. But I got a good workout anyway. It was a fun trip.

Meanwhile, the alternate fork has its first coat of paint - and it's looking good. It has attachments for a rack and fender - those should be coming soon. It's a prettier fork, with curved blades and a nice HJ crown.

Meanwhile, there are pictures below of how the bike looked this morning.

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