Friday, October 07, 2005

1st ride - the evil temptation

Well I couldn't wait any longer, I had to take a ride. Wednesday nite I built everything up (without having completed the paint) and yesterday morning Nick and I went for a ride with me on my new frame.

First of all, the ride is a dream! I rides like an old fashioned Cadillac - smooth. This is probably due to the 28mm tires and the sprung saddle - but it really doesn't matter - this is a bike that won't beat me up on a Century.

Charlie (my 6 year old) wants me to insert his name here - done.

Back to the bike, it seems perfectly stiff - no noticeable flex anywhere. It responds nicely to my kick up a hill. The handling is steady, not twitchy, but seems to be capable of steering anywhere I want it to go to miss a bump, hole, or whatever.

It looks and feels like the wheels track one another well. All of this said, there appears to be a slight misalignment of the rear triangle that causes the chainline to be slightly off center. Grumble.

Well, I tuned a couple of items tonight and mounted the computer. I'll ride in the morning with my friends - hope they won't be too bummed out by the paint. Then, I'm thinking I'll keep riding it until its snows. That way, I can trash the current paint and keep learning about this frame. At that point, I'll get it bead blasted, straighten the rear end, and have it painted right.

That's all for tonight.


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