Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Good Weekend

The holiday weekend is over - it was a good one. I got in a couple of nice rides - we had great weather. We had some family fun (closed the cul-de-sac so all the little kids could practice riding in circles, played mini-golf, etc.). And I got some more work done on the frame.

A while back I purchased 100 Simonds and Grobe files on eBay. At the time I figured to cherry pick and then resell the remaining on eBay. It turned out that there were a variety of neat and unusual files in the mix. Knowing how files go dull, and how useful these files could be for framebuilding, I decided to keep the lot. This weekend was the opportunity to start using them.

The pump peg now seems to be properly positioned with a nice filet around it. I cleaned up the filets around the chainstay bridge and the brake bridge. On side of each only needed to be sanded (I'll have to add some pictures soon) because the filets were spot on. Then it was on to the bottom bracket for some file work on the edges of the spigots. Finally, I filed down the plate on my the top of my left seat stay. It's a pretty close match to the right seatstay. I also filed the filets on both sides to better match each other.

Overall things are looking good. However, I'm not happy with my left chainstay. I cold set it and now it has a slight bend to it. I suspect that this is only a cosmetic issue, but I don't like how it looks. So, now I have to decide whether to replace it or not. Hmmm.


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