Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Quick Update

Well, I've started trying to make my "new" style stem. So far, two problems:
1) It's really heavy. The tubing that fits tightly to the steering tube has a relatively thick wall and it's a lot heavier than frame tubing. I can probably live with this.
2) The uncut steerer is too short. If the quill is long enough for where I want the bars, then the clamp on the seat lug is beyond the steerer. I could acquire a really long steerer and replace the one in my fork. But, I think I'll take a different course.

I'm going to grind off the lugs for the seatpost binder-bolt. Then fill in the lug's slot with some silver. Then, I'll mount two binder-bolts lower on the quill - probably an inch or inch and a half apart. This should allow a secure connection to the steerer, while allowing the extension of the stem to be above the top to the steerer. Cool. Pictures when this is complete.

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