Monday, May 02, 2005

Post Office Problems

It turns out that Renaissance sent me three packages via the post office. The first to arrive was the last sent. I dutifully went to the Post Office for package two with my delivery notice - they handed me a package and took my receipt. Ok so far. But when I open the package - it only has the BB facing tool. So, I look at the notes from Renaissance and sure enough - two package for the facer and the tapper. And they were sent at the same time. So I'm still missing a package. Its not clear to me if the Post Office gave me package three in which case number two is still missing, or it they gave me number two and number three has never arrived. There's no way for me to check that now because they have the receipt with the tracking number. Luckily I saved the packages (with their tracking numbers).

I've shot an email to Renaissance for help identifying the tracking number for the BB tapper, but haven't heard yet. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. I hope the package shows up soon because I could use the tappers very soon.

Its clear that the Post Office is great with mail. But packages....I don't think so. The idea that they can (and apparently do) regularly return packages from a route (for example no one was home to sign for them) and have these packages go backout in the mail stream (to be later returned to the local post office) seems like a process nightmare. How can this weakness exist and not be fixed? How much does it cost them to accidentally ship packages out of the local office? There's handling, fuel costs, dealing with angry customers at the front window, processing through the various sorting machines, etceteras. One would hope that this sort of thing couldn't easily happen, especially if they want to compete with the DHL/FedEx/UPSs of the world.

Ya know, here's a problem G.W.Bush could sink his teeth into. Wish he would.

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