Sunday, May 01, 2005

Loutish Lugs

I'm trying to build a kiddy bike for the kids. I wanted to adjust the lower head lug and the angle between the downtube and seattube spigots on the bottom bracket.

I'm better equipped for this now, having found a small anvil and some heavy (very heavy) pipe I can clamp in the vise as an anvil. Hence it should be possible to restore bent lugs to roundness.

The BB shell went into the vice between to pieces of 1/2 inch ply (to protect the faces). I got out some drifts and a 32 oz ball peen hammer and went after it. It moved some, but not very much, and not as much as the design called for. That said, the design had the BB on the low side so on real damage is done if it has to be a little higher. I just hope to figure out the right way to shift these joints. Maybe its just a matter of patience and continuing to pound. Maybe it would help if the drift had a different shape head (mine is round, perhaps oblong would help). I need to get another length of very heavy tubing so one can go into the downtube spigot and one in the seattube spigot and try levering things around.

Anyway, things are laying out pretty nicely to the drawing with the exception of BB height and that doesn't seem like a big problem. The next big challenge will be the fork. I wanted to use a crown with built in rake, but it isn't really wide enough. The wider crown doesn't have any rake. So, I'm going to have to build a bender and rake the fork legs. Oh-boy.

That's all for now.

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