Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Got a few things done before work today, so you get some pictures.

After taking the front triangle out of the jig, I checked the alignment as pinned.

Everything was within a mm or less.  Next the top tube came off:

The tubes need to be marked where fittings will be added.  In this case, not to many bits.  A pair of triple cable stops on the top tube, and a derailleur hanger, pulley mount, and cable stop on the seat tube.  The plan is for the top tube to look like the below.
 And here it is after a quick soak:
The filler is Fred Parr's Fillet Pro from Cycle Design, and the flux was Stainless Light.  This gives good flow underneath and a nice little fillet around the edge.

The front derailleur hanger is from Richard Sachs.  His have a nice touch, an alignment nub which locates the hanger during brazing without any clamps or other holders.  You can see the nub below:
After drilling a hole in the proper location, the hanger will happily sit on the seat tube all by itself.
After some filler and a soak:
The following pix are out of sequence, the front triangle is still pinned together.  They show places where the lugs aren't fully conforming to the tubing, and need to be brought into line.
See the gap?

And below?

And that's it, what I did this morning before going to work.

More soon.

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