Monday, October 08, 2007

New Efforts

Well, two frames are being painted and should be back and built up in the next week or two, and the Path Racer is ready to go into the paint shop when I pick up the others. So its time for a new project.

I'd like to start on the bike for the winner of this years MS ride, but I'm still looking for the machinist who will turn down some lug spigots for that build. So, it's on a short hold.

As a consequence, I've started on a surprise bike. It has somewhat odd dimensions (one of the bene's of a custom build) - by memory they are 59 c-c seat tube & 57 c-c top tube. It's for someone long-legged.

This frame is using a set of lugs left over from when the Match frame shop closed. At one time they produced the Schwinn Paramount, and these are the lugs used on the Paramount.

I thought (memory is a tricky thing) that these used three main tubes all of 28.6mm diameter. Usually, either the top tube is a smaller diameter
than the rest, or the down tube is a larger diameter than the rest. Which would make these lugs even more unique.

Alas, my memory is bad. These use a standard 1Xoversize tube set (31.7 dt, 28.6 st, 28.6 tt). Which is fine, I have the necessary tubes in stock, including a stainless head tube. When polished up, a stainless head tube really stands out + it really shows off lugs with fancy shapes and these Paramount lugs are definitely fancy.

Mostly this will be a pretty straight forward design. It's designed for a 700cX28 tire, although a 30 or 32 will probably fit as well. The chain stays are a medium length at 415mm. Not short, but not long either. I would
have made them longer but with this rider, the weight tends to sit forward and I didn't want too much weight shifted to the front wheel.

Angles are 73 degrees parallel with about 51mm trail. This is a traditional
racing trail from back in the days when they used wider tires, like the ones that will be used on this bike. It should be able to handle a front bag, but probably not more then 5 lbs or so in the bag.

With the 28mm tires, fenders will fit, so it will come with mounting points.
Naturally it will be set up for two water bottles and a pump, and it's going to look something like this. Click to enlarge the picture. Two cautions: 1) don't pay too much attention to the numbers. They don't always represent the measurement that you would assume. 2) Colors haven't been selected by the client yet - these colors were just to give me something other than black & white to look at.

At the end of the day, this should be a pretty good road bike, but it will have the edges softened just a little to make it more flexible in use.

This picture gives a hint at what the head lugs are like. Note the head tube still needs a lot polishing.

See ya next time!

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