Monday, September 24, 2007

More Bits and Pieces

Today was good for progress on some small bits of the Path Racer. For starters, I drilled and tapped mounting holes in the track forks.

You can see how the bolt fits into the curve at the end of the stay. I'll be fabbing up some custom connectors for the fender stays that will fit in place of the bolt.

You can also see how on, the chain stay, I've cut back into the pin (nail) used to hold it in place while brazing. I'll have to work that a little differently next time.

By the way, there is a weird shadow in the picture that makes the bottom edge of the track fork look carved out. It's not, instead it forms a straight line up to the bend,and then tapers gently towards the stay.

I also tried out some new filler today (from Fred Parr) which is designed to build up fillets. The lugs have a very abrupt transition from one spigot to the next, and I
wanted to try smoothing the transition out. Here's an example from the seat lug. Take a peek at the edge of the outline - that looks nice to me.

Based on the results, I'm going to try the head lugs too.

Finally, I spent some time playing with polishing crank arms. Here are three arms in various states of polish:

Sorry for the glare, but I wanted to get in close with the camera.

That's it for tonight.


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