Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lindas Bike

I'm building a bike for Linda using Deda's DCS carbon lug and tube set. The head-tube is bonded. This is a tricky operation as the headset cups are bonded into the lugs, so its imperative that the lugs be held during the bonding process in a manner that assures that they remain parallel. That is done.

The main triangle will get bonded this week and I'll be posting some pictures.


Chauncey Matthews said...

Hi there,
I'm a longtime reader of your blog and I just wanted to say thank you for keeping it up. You don't know how much I've learned by being able to follow your progression from learning to fillet to completing the awesome bike you made for you daughter. It really pops in those outdoor pics you took!
So far, I've built two lugged frames and I'm trying to teach myself fillet brazing- it's much harder than brazing lugs, isn't it?
The carbon stuff doesn't do much for me (although the first one you built was pretty cool!), but I've really been interested in the track bike you were working on. Is it done yet?

Rick Guggemos said...


Sorry, I thought the blog would notify me of comments, I guess not. Per tonights blog, its been a while.

1) Thanks for your nice comments.
2) Getting the feel for filet is harder for me than lugs. I think, though, that a key learning is to move the frame around so that gravity is either neutral or works with me as I work a given section of a joint.
3) The trackie is waiting on Linda's carbon. It's sooo close, but business before pleasure.