Sunday, July 16, 2006

More Pix

The down tube is fitted (one of the pins is located in the BB to hold it in place). The top tube is mitered - final filing to be done after the rest of the front triangle is brazed up. The seat tube is cut to length and mitered on the bottom. The chain stays are mitered and marked for length. The seat stays are just sitting there to see how I like the look of them - they're a narrow biconical stay. The downtube is 35mm .8/.5/.8. The headtube is 35.5mm. Top tube is a conical 31.7mm front, 28.6mm rear with a .7/.5/.7 profile. The seat tube is a standard 28.6mm with an external butt (1.2mm wall thickness) at the top to avoid ovalizing from heat. Chainstays are oval w/ .9 wall thickness for stiffness. The Walter bottom bracket has a built-in chain stay bridge.

Angles are 74.5 head tube, 74 seat tube. Bottom Bracket drop is 60mm (our local velodrome is relatively flat).

Apart from the lugged bottom bracket, joints will be filet - most being with silver. The bottom bracket has loose fits so will be joined with brass, as will the connection of the track forks to the chain stays. The stays will have stainless faces brazed on - but the ends will be bare to fit the tugs (MKS njs).

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