Monday, June 05, 2006

Quickie Update

Things have been slow on the framebuilding front.

Sarah's fork is now ready for paint. The return spring holes for the cantilevers were drilled last night. The brakes fit and look good. Overall, the finish looks fine.

Work on finishing the frame continues. Lug edges look good as do the filets and edges of most braze-ons. The exception is the stud for mounting the rear-brake cable pulley. There are a few file marks, scrapes and scratches that need cleaning up. Also, the stainless needs polishing.

The headtube is coming along, but there are a few deep scratches (source unclear) - but these are mostly cleared out now. Sanding near the lugs takes a bit of extra work. I don't mind if a little filler shows through here, as long as it appears to be flat with the surface of the tube.

It looks like another 4-5 hours of sanding and I can pack this off to Gordon. Then it's off to a track frame.

Oh, I did some photos last week, but they just weren't clear enough. I'll try again this week.


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