Saturday, November 19, 2005

Returning to Normal

Well, I'm trying to return to normal. During the last week or so, work, kids, and a cold have all kept me off the blog, off the bike, and out of the shop.

Over this weekend, I'm beginning the return to normal. Although the morning started very cold, the day warmed as the sun came up - so I began at three-hour ride at about 10AM.

It wasn't a fast ride, but that's OK, it was fun. Part of the way I headed off the pavement unto the Des Plaines River path. This is a nice cinder and packed dirt trail, apart from the occasional road apples. Frame 090105 handled the dirt fine. Riders coming from the opposite direction took their time eyeing my ride - but no one said anything. It's not clear if they were surprised by my narrow tires and drop handlebars (although this isn't anything like a technical trail), or maybe it was the fenders.

Turning back onto the road, there was a pack of 6 or 8 riders. Expecting to be passed, I made my way up the hill. Over the top and around the corner, I turned to see where they were - and they were gone. Maybe they turned onto the trail I just vacated. After making my way through Lake Bluff and into Lake Forest, I stopped for a coffee at Starbucks and made a minor adjustment to my seat position. Then back onto the bike and the trail towards Fort Sheridan, where I came upon the pack of riders again. Pacing myself against them, we made our way to the Fort, at which point I grew tired of their pace and took off. On my way south from Highland Park, I rejoined a cinder path. The ability to transition from on to off road is very nice indeed.

Everything seems to be working fine. There's still a clearance problem between the rack, front fender, and front tire (more aesthetic than functional). But, I think I'm done working on this bike. It's my main ride, and I'll start pulling parts off the Trek shortly.

By the way, today was a glorious sunny day, so I got a couple of pictures of the bike. I'll post them above.

'Til later,

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