Monday, July 18, 2005

Good News/Bad News

It was a day much like any other... no wait, change the channel.

I started work early to get out early and take a ride (crazy idea, upon exiting my car this morning, my sun glasses fogged over from humidity). Imagine my surprise to find that my new BB tapping set had arrived! Yea!

So, it was off to the garage to chase and face Sarah's BB. All went well. It should be noted that the tools have a nice solid feel to them. Also, Cecil included a couple of beautiful old Campy Decals. I'm going to need to find a special project for them.

While in the garage, I got a call from Lon at Nova. I hadn't used them before, but wanted some various tidbits (e.g. SS front derailer hanger) and so put an order through. He was very nice, and seems pretty plugged in. i suspect that he will become a good resource.

So those were the highlights.

In the evening I got a an e-mail from Troy. It seems on close inspection, my rear-end alignment wasn't as good as it should be, and there is some evidence of overheating the chainstays at the BB. He thinks the front end can be resurrected, but that the rear-triangle needs to be re-built.

The good news is that he's available to put an experienced eye on my work. Further, he is happy to help out with honest criticism and helpful advice.

So, my new ride is still a little way off into the future, but that's not going to stop progress.

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