Monday, April 11, 2005

Fred e-mailed today. He actually replied yesterday despite lots of activity in his office, but my spam filter occasionally grabs and holds his messages ransom. I'm confused, he doesn't show up on any of the filters (, Outlook) and he is on the the safe lists. This must be one of the unknowable aspects of the information age.

Anyhow, Fred seemed to think the joint represented a credible start, just need to keep the tip farther out of the work - I find this encouraging. It seems likely that with some practice, keeping the tip back will become second nature.

Its been a long time since I handled a torch, and that was just for welding. In just in the short time I've been working at this my comfortable level with managing and directing the flame has risen significantly.

So, its off to prep some more joints. I'll start with putting a top headlug about this one and see how well I can keep them aligned (while not charring this one). Then it'll be time to cut them up and see how they filled out on the inside. Given the lugs are stamped, they have a bit of extra space (void) around the actual tube miters - it will be interesting to see how the silver handled this.

Looking at the pictures, some of them could be blown up, cropped and made into abstract "art" with all the curious colors swirling around. I'll have to get out the photo editor and play with that one of these days. There may even be a touch of a Landshark paint job in hidden in there.

Anyhow, its time to get off to the shop.

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